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Teance Fine Teas ~ Coldbrews and Cocktails Night

True, pure cold brew tea and coffee like you have never tasted, perfectly smooth, creamy, and sweet. and now,  made into cocktails! We will be featuring the following:

• Golden Oolong Shochu with house made oolong syrup
• Creamy Coffee (with sake and egg white)
• Refreshing Scarlet Red (with lemon juice and Shochu)
• Sencha to the Moon (Green tea with Sake)
• Mocktail (for the non-alcoholics)

We will also be introducing a Nitro and CO2 cold brew for this event only. the first opportunity to try something completely new that no one has tasted!

Come for the cocktails and stay for the spectacular cold brew tea and coffees- join our community for a taste party!

Event tickets here - first come first serve with limited capacity.