Jigsaw Store

Jigsaw   |   1842 Fourth St.    |   510-540-1144

Jigsaw, one of England's most beloved fashion labels has opened a new store in the City by the Bay. Inspired by the relaxed creative atmosphere of an atelier, the new store is designed to blur the lines between Jigsaw's London design studio and a retail experience as much as possible. The store reflects the whimsical spirit and antiqued easthetic of the Jigsaw brand through the use of reused and unfinished furniture, unpainted walls and whitewashed floors. Housed inside each store, customers will find an ever-changing portfolio of modern day classic pieces (clothing, accessories, shoes and more) that blend irreverence with sophistication with practicality and the old with the new. On trend, but never overly trendy, Jigsaw has a point of view that is uniquely its own.

Sunday 11:00-6:00
Monday-Thursday: 10:00-6:00
Friday-Saturday: 10:00-6:30